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When you’re building and growing a business, good legal support is vital. Socium was founded on corporate commercial law expertise, with a flexible delivery model to suit your business.

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Let us help you protect your interests by structuring your financing agreements, drafting required disclosure documents and providing advice on navigating complex financial transactions. We help you mitigate risks, and ensure legal compliance in financial decision-making.

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We can help protect your intellectual property and assist in dispute resolutions. Our expertise includes drafting and negotiating software license agreements, providing advice on intellectual property protection, and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

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Let us help you manage your technology business risks. We have experience in data protection and privacy agreements, technology development contracts, cloud computing and Software as a Service matters. Our holistic knowledge of corporate, communications, and intellectual property law supports your success.

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We can help you determine whether your business needs to register securities offerings, prepare necessary disclosure documents, and ensure compliance with securities laws. We provide guidance on structuring securities transactions, handling investor relations, and addressing any legal issues that may arise in connection with securities offerings or fundraising activities.

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We will assist you by identifying and mitigating risks, negotiating and drafting purchase agreements and disclosure schedules. We help ensure a smooth transition of ownership by addressing legal issues related to corporate governance, intellectual property, employment contracts, and regulatory approvals. Our comprehensive approach helps prevent potential disputes that may arise during the M&A process.

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We offer guidance on fiduciary duties, conflicts of interest, and shareholder rights to help you maintain transparency, accountability, and legal compliance in your corporate governance practices. We can help you structure your corporate entity, establish the board of directors and committees, and guide your business in adhering to corporate formalities.

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Here’s what you can expect at your first meeting

Introduction and Background

We get to know each other, and ask you some questions about yourself and your company. This helps us understand your business, its structure, and any specific legal concerns you may have.

Legal Assessment

We analyze the information you provide and ask follow-up questions to better understand your legal needs. This may include information about your business operations, existing contracts, corporate structure, intellectual property, employment matters, and other relevant areas.

Legal Strategy & Planning

Based on your goals and the available options, the lawyer will help you develop a legal strategy and outline a plan of action. They may provide recommendations on how to proceed, including the steps to take, documents to prepare, and any potential timelines or milestones involved.

Your Legal Questions

You tell us your reason for seeking legal advice, and the specific issues you need assistance with. This could include matters such as forming a new company, drafting contracts, reviewing business agreements, dealing with regulatory compliance, or addressing any ongoing legal disputes.

Discussion of Options

Once we have a good handle on your situation, we’ll discuss the legal options available to you. We’ll explain the relevant laws or regulations, outline potential risks and benefits, and suggest courses of action for you to consider.

Fee Structure & Engagement

We share our fee structure, including billing rates and payment arrangements. This ensures that both parties are clear on the financial aspects of the legal representation.


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