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Finding the right legal professionals to advance and protect your business is vital for stability and growth.
If you’re looking for a likeminded Calgary corporate lawyer, we should meet.

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Many entrepreneurs face competition from enterprise-level organizations with vast financial resources.

That’s where we come in.

Socium Law is your partner, providing smart solutions and legal guidance.

We give you the confidence that you’re on the right path when leading your team, while still maintaining your autonomy over the direction of your organization.

What if your legal team was made of senior, entrepreneurial- minded professionals like you?

Most owners want a lawyer who has experience, expertise, strong communication skills, business acumen, and trustworthiness. We provide those qualities, with an added bonus: we’re entrepreneurs too. We get it.

At Socium, your file is always in the hands of an expert with many years’ experience in corporate law.

Our team of experienced lawyers partners with you to develop tailored solutions that meet your business objectives.

We provide the valuable legal advice and guidance that startups, established entrepreneurs and financial sponsors rely on to help them navigate the legal landscape and protect their interests.

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Lean Firm Structure

Socium prioritizes specialist staff and dedicated service ahead of the typical law firm trappings of an impressive address, lavish furnishings and costly art, all of which are paid for by the clients.

By embracing the growing trend toward Lean Firm Structure, Socium clients get more lawyer, more experience and more personalized attention for their dollar.

Our Team


William Van Horne

Founder, Owner

After many years as a partner in some of Canada’s most recognized law firms, Will decided to leverage his years of corporate law experience by founding an entrepreneurial-minded firm that prioritizes client care.

Will began Socium Law in 2018, and it has grown steadily ever since. In addition to his work at Socium Law, Will serves as corporate secretary for several companies and is an advisor for the TSX Venture Exchange.


Jordan Kadach


Jordan specializes in the areas of M&A, corporate finance, corporate governance, and securities. Jordan pursued law as a career where he could apply his communication and analysis skills in business and entrepreneurship.

Following articling with Socium Law and his call to the bar, Jordan was pleased to accept an associate position at Socium Law, where he could collaborate closely with clients to help them achieve their business goals. Through his insightful and dedicated service, Jordan greatly enjoys collaborating with clients and fostering their growth.


Julia Marrero

Student at Law

Julia graduated with a Juris Doctor from Thompson Rivers University (TRU) and is set to join the bar in 2024. She holds a Legal Assistant Diploma from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Psychology from TRU.

Her legal career began as an assistant in corporate law, inspiring her to attend law school for deeper involvement in corporate matters. As co-president of TRU’s Access to Justice Law Club, she led the most successful student-led Access to Justice Week. When not working, she enjoys skiing, salsa dancing, and exploring Calgary’s restaurants.


Greg Hovdebo

Executive Office Manager

Greg takes care of all the details that ensure Socium Law operates efficiently and serves clients to a high level of excellence throughout their journey with Socium. Having a Project Management Professional (PMP) designation and training in business analysis provides Greg with a wealth of skills to support clients throughout their journey with Socium.

When he’s not working for clients, Greg takes pride in supporting the community through his volunteer work with Rotary.